Welcome to the world of  progressive 
rock, modestly sanitized for your
listening enjoyment.

 If your tastes gravitate to an eclectic blend of styles and influences, give this music a chance. You will hear power pop, roots rock, progressive rock,blues, funk,...even some jazz influences.

John  Beckord writes lyrics that make you think and smile. Most of his songs have memorable hooks but he has a tendency to jerk your ears around with unexpected chords and changes. He uses a robust palate of sounds and his network of musican friends add extra-tasty fragments and solos to the mix.

John's mission is to avoid being constrained to narrowly defined  marketing labels. "I'm  a studio rat  with a fairly opened mind about various styles of music", Beckord says."My goal is for the guy stocking the shelves at the Cd store to be unsure exactly where to put my CD's".

Principally a singer, guitarist, and bassist,Beckord would prefer to be noted for his songwriting. " There are scads of great players and singers out there trying to  find an audience", Beckord notes."But good songwriting is hard to find".

Beckords songs draw on elements of power pop, blues ,progressive rock, jazz, and funk." If songs were described as flavors, I hope listeners come to appreciate the way I combine  spicy and mellow, salty and sweet," Beckord explains." To much popular music is a one course meal."

Dinner is served , and it sounds like a buffet.

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